Residential Services


If you have issues such as lost power to receptacles or lights, a tripped breaker that won’t reset,  or some other issue. We can come out and diagnose it and provide a solution to get your home back working correctly.


If you need new lighting added where there is no fixtures or existing switching we can install it for you. If you have a chandelier or ceiling fan you want installed we can install it for you. If you have a need for some new exterior security lighting or landscape lighting we can install that as well. We have all kinds of ladders and small lifts to even get up to the highest points.



If you need power for a new receptacle, sauna, hot tub, panel, surge protector, range, dryer, car charger, AC unit, garage, or any other household item we can get it done for you. We have experience in all of these as well as all the tools to get it done. 


Safety Checks

whether you are buying a home, selling a home, or simply want to have your house checked over we can provide our expertise on that as well. We can check your breakers with thermal imaging for hot spots, provide a grounding inspection on your electrical system, wiring issues, smoke detectors working properly, GFI’s working properly, and repairs if needed. Better to find out now than before its a bigger issue.